Dangers Associated with High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a common health condition many adults face. It is sometimes referred to as the silent killer because symptoms may not immediately be apparent. Hypertension is especially dangerous in older adults, increasing the risk of many different medical conditions. Many seniors with hypertension require nursing services to help address symptoms and reduce the risk of further health complications. Dangers associated with hypertension you may not have known about include:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

    High blood pressure is one of the leading factors of heart disease. It causes persistent strain on the heart, leading to weaker heart muscles over time. It can be difficult for older adults to address hypertension, so they should consider taking preventive steps to reduce their risk of hypertension.

  • Vision Problems

    Persistent high blood pressure can damage the blood vessels in the eyes, leading to eye disease or vision problems. Vision problems can make it more difficult for seniors to perform their daily living activities at home. We offer home care in St Louis, Missouri, to help ensure that seniors can perform all their daily living activities at home.

  • Cognitive Decline

    High blood pressure can also affect how blood is circulated to the brain, leading to an increased risk of conditions like dementia and other mental health issues. Our health professionals in Missouri can assist seniors with dementia at home to ensure their safety, comfort, and independence.

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