Quick Guide: How to Care for Removable Dentures

quick-guide-how-to-care-for-removable -dentures

Is your senior loved one using removable dentures? These are artificial teeth and gums that can be put on to help improve their communication skills, and more importantly, to aid their normal eating. These dentures need to be properly maintained to keep them functional and clear of stains.

Our team of providers of home care services in St. Louis, Missouri can be of help to you in ensuring the health and wellness of your aging loved one. With that, we hope the following care tips can guide you in properly attending to the needs of your loved one, especially with their dentures.

  • After eating, ensure that you rinse and wash the dentures under running water. This cleanses off remaining food particles that can get stuck. Just make sure that you don’t accidentally let the denture loose or they might break when they hit the sink.
  • Once the dentures are taken out, make sure your loved one brushes their natural teeth gently. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and include cleaning the tongue, back of the cheeks, and the mouth’s roof. If denture adhesives have also been used, make sure that this is also brushed out.
  • When holding the dentures, ensure that you gently and carefully hold it. Do your best not to bend or damage its composition or clasp while you’re washing it.
  • Soak the dentures overnight. Most of these require staying moist to keep their shape intact. Aside from water, a denture-soaking solution can also be used to soak the dentures. When possible, consult the dentist for further instructions on this manner or follow the instructions of the soaking solution.
  • Brush the dentures every day. As your personal care providers, we encourage you to administer proper care when brushing the dentures so their strength is preserved. Make use of a denture cleanser that is non-abrasive so that whatever deposits can be washed away.
  • Rinse the dentures properly before putting them back on. If you’re also using a soaking solution, all the more that you should be thorough in brushing it as certain chemicals can be left on the denture.
  • Whenever dentures become loose, ensure that you see the dentist immediately so that this situation can be remedied. Avoid putting off cases of loose dentures as this can irritate your mouth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly. These regular consultations can keep you updated of your oral health and help you check if you have been applying proper care of your dentures. If assistance is needed in visiting the dental clinic, a provider of In-home care in Missouri can be of help.

Are these guidelines helpful? If you require further help in assisting your senior loved one, our team at Provision Home Care Inc. is here for you. Feel free to book an appointment with us so we can assess your loved one’s situation.

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