Quick Guide: How to Care for Removable Dentures

Is your senior loved one using removable dentures? These are artificial teeth and gums that can be put on to help improve their communication skills, and more importantly, to aid their normal eating. These dentures need to be properly maintained to keep them functional and clear of stains. Our team of providers of home care … Continue reading

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Keeping Your Diabetes Under Control

Having diabetes does mean you need to pay attention to your lifestyle but it does not mean it controls your life. Through some simple lifestyle changes, you can keep your diabetes under control. This is especially important in your golden years and through our home care services in St. Louis, Missouri, we can help you … Continue reading

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Why Sleep Is Important in Your Golden Years

Sleep is one of the most important things we can do to improve and maintain our health. In order to make sure that we are living healthily, we need to maintain an active lifestyle, eat right, and ensure that we are getting regular sleep. Sleep has a large impact on our physical, mental, and emotional … Continue reading

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Sleeping Right and Other Good Habits That Truly Help

Whether you like to sleep or not, you should. Sleeping is not only great for your body, but it is also essential for your mental functions as well. A lot of adults who complain of headaches and grumpiness do not realize that lack of sleep is the number one contributing factor why they have these … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Effective Caregiver Communication

For years, your parents have taken care of you. When the time comes that the role becomes reversed, and home care services in St. Louis, Missouri are needed, family communication is key when it comes to managing your senior parent’s care properly. Provision Home Care Inc. is an experienced provider of home care services and … Continue reading

Preventive Steps against Hypertension

The risks of hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, increase as a person ages. Hence, for our senior loved ones at home, ensuring that their blood pressure is at the right level can be a priority. It’s a very practical move to have a blood pressure monitor handy at home, or get professional providers … Continue reading