Why Do Seniors Need to Have Proper Oral Care?

Why Do Seniors Need to Have Proper Oral Care?

Many seniors neglect their dental health due to mobility problems or forgetfulness. But this shouldn’t be an excuse not to maintain good oral health. More so for seniors who are prone to having dental problems and other diseases.

According to recent research, dental problems are linked to pneumonia in aging adults. It’s also linked to heart diseases and increased risk for diabetes. Gum infections make seniors more susceptible to bacteria that cause pneumonia. These infections may also eventually lead to the narrowing of the arteries. Besides that, severe gum infection causes the body not to properly use insulin.

Due to the medications that seniors take, they are also more prone to dry mouth. While dry mouth doesn’t sound lethal, leaving it alone can lead to tooth decay. The lack of saliva also causes bacteria, viruses, and fungi to proliferate in the mouth. This may lead to a higher risk of the abovementioned diseases.

Fortunately, fighting oral problems in seniors isn’t that difficult. Home care services in St. Louis, Missouri have various ways to help seniors better their oral health. Companionship services, for example, can help seniors attend dentist appointments. Other services, such as meal planning can help by ensuring that seniors get proper nutrients to maintain healthy teeth and body.

Personal care services can also help by assisting seniors in their dental routines if they have trouble flossing or brushing. Caregivers can also remind seniors that it’s time to brush.

There are many ways for in-home care in Missouri to help seniors regain better oral help. So if you need our services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Provision Home Care Inc.

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