Why Is There a Need for Seniors to Socialize?


Reaching your senior years is such a blessing. It can be considered an achievement to reach this point in our life. However, there are things that we older adults need to address in order to live a fulfilling life. Among these vital things is our need to socialize. Without it, negative consequences may set in, such as being lonely, which will worsen if it becomes chronic. This will become a cause of concern.

Our mental status directly affects the biological processes in our bodies. The stress caused by chronic loneliness causes a “flight or fight” response that makes our body always on alert. This can result in serious negative health effects, which include poor sleep, depression, and cellular inflammation that will result in damaged immunity and expedited cognitive decline, as warned by healthcare professionals like those providing home care services in St. Louis, Missouri. Read to know more reasons why socialization is essential for older adults, whether they want to age in place or live in senior living communities.

  • Support network

    For seniors, especially if we’ve just lost a close friend or spouse, we tend to have a severe need to belong. This can be addressed by socializing with other individuals, which helps us make new friends with people who have experienced the same situation we’re going through. They can be a good source of support and sympathy or empathy. As we look for help, we can give back as well. We can return the favors of the listening and advice we received, which can make our friendships and feelings of belongingness stronger.

  • Accountability

    We older adults have the tendency to slip into habits in which we disregard our personal health and self-care. Our circle of friends will serve as our reminder that these particular habits are important and that we should be accountable to ourselves and others to make sure that we continue to take care of ourselves.

  • A sense of purpose

    Good social interactions affirm our sense of value and make us seniors feel like important and valued members of our respective communities. We may opt to volunteer or join in social events, where we can share our time and talents to promote a good sense of purpose and develop self-confidence as fostered by healthcare professionals such as those providing in-home care in Missouri.

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