Low-Impact Exercises for Older Adults with Impaired Mobility

Low-Impact Exercises for Older Adults with Impaired Mobility

While regular physical activity is crucial for older adults to maintain good health, many seniors believe that inactivity can prevent falls and injuries. However, leading a sedentary lifestyle can increase their risk of injuries and illness due to a weakened immune system and impaired mobility. As a leading provider of home care services in St. Louis, Missouri, we will share several low-impact exercises for seniors with low mobility:

  • Walking

    Walking is considered an aerobic exercise that is gentle on the back. Walking is a simple yet effective physical activity that is beneficial for overall body conditioning. A good pair of supportive walking shoes and the assistance of a home health aide can make walking an enjoyable activity for seniors.

  • Sitting Exercises

    For older adults with more serious mobility issues, chair or sitting exercises is an excellent way to get enough regular exercise regimen. Home care providers that offer personal care can assist with chair exercises at home to build muscle, improve blood circulation, and keep the joints lubricated to make moving easier.

  • Yoga

    Yoga is a mind-body exercise that utilizes different positions and breathing techniques to improve stability and coordination. Older adults that engage in Yoga can enhance their flexibility, strength, and balance. This can help improve their mobility while engaging their core muscles.

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